Saturday, July 23, 2011

Toll rises to 87 in Norway

Let's pray for the victims of Norway bombing.

You can view the news here:,0,1264865.story

Also, my baby RC is sick. I'm taking her to the doctor later. Please send some happy thoughts and well wishes. At least now, it's official, I'm a SAHM so she probably won't catch colds and viruses often.

Aloha everyone! Have a Happy Saturday!

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Andy said...


Thank you for dropping by and for following my blog.

Before I continue speaking in English, pwedeng mag-tagalog na lang..I just saw you profile on your sidebar and it mentioned pinoy so I assume pinoy ka ring tulad ko?hehe..

Anyways, as to your desire of changing your blog template, it's both easy and complicated at the same time esp.if you don't have the slightest idea of html and css codes..if you further questions, I'll try to answer it as best as I could.

Smiles from,

Andy at


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