Thursday, July 21, 2011

Open houses (Scenic Sunday)

Some pictures of me and the loves of my life last weekend when we went to open houses. We looked at one house and two condominiums. One of which we lived before, it was good to see it again. Maybe it would be feasible for us to buy instead of rent. It would take a lot of thinking if we ever decide to buy here. Right now, I would say no but I tell my husband that maybe tomorrow we'll just be instantly rich so why not look around so if ever we win the lottery tomorrow we have an idea which property to buy. Unfortunately, there is no lottery in HI, so I had to revise my idea, maybe I'll be discovered and be a movie star? Then we'll be rich haha.

We were doubtful to look at a house because of the price. I mentioned this before and I will mention it again, houses here are so expensive. A simple house with a small yard, three small bedrooms like the one we saw is over 500K.

I used our small camera and my face wasn't too prepared for the pictures. Weekend is around the corner! Happy blogging everyone. Thanks for all the clicks to my blog.

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Discovering the Me in Mommy said...

Wow....good luck!

Ola said...

The costs of real estate are really crazy now all over the world probably!

faye said...

hi! just dropping by.
i saw in your sidebar about business 2 blogger. have u received any tasks from them? are they reliable?
btw, your pics are great.
have a nice day!

Dhemz said...

who knows diba...baka either you or RC ang ma discover...eehhehe....:) great place though...lalo na yung may seems like HI property is expensive...but it would be a good investment....I would rather be a homeowner than a renter...I've experienced both.

thanks sa dalaw pala...yes, I teach Akesha how to speak tagalog but she have trouble pronouncing it...nakakaintindi naman when I speak to her...kaso english nga lang ang!

Mom Daughter Style said...

Hi Faye, yes I did receive offers from B2B. I think 4 so far. I would say that their screening process is a little stricter than the other sites but once you get an offer, it's great to work with them.

Bev said...

Or, tomorrow RC will be spotted by a tv/ movie agent and you'll be asked to sign her in! Let her start as a commercial model, I heard they're paid heaps :)

I felt like it's been ages since I visited your blog, RC's long hair is so prominent in the pictures :)

Al said...

That's so expensive. For less than $500K here you can get a huge house (4,000 square feet) on a couple of acres, just 25 minutes from downtown. But of course this isn't Hawaii.

Joyful said...

I understand how expensive it can be to buy something. It cost 500k to buy a small apartment in my city and it isn't even near the water. I do like the view where you were looking. It is okay to dream :-)

His Unfailing Love said...

Houses are expensive even here in our place. May you find the best one. I enjoy looking at these places.

Straight from the heart said...

Blessings to you as you continue to look for the right house.

darly said...

whoa, that really is expensive. Your daughter looks so lovely

Have a great week, hope you check out my SS entry too.


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