Saturday, July 30, 2011

AMS Fulfillment

If you are a seller of products, there are a few options for fulfilling the orders your customers place. You can have an inventory of items stored in your home and then pack the order and ship it after the order is received. As you get larger, you might need warehouse space or storage facilities to store a larger inventory of items, and you will eventually need to hire people to manage your inventory, packing and shipping. The complexity of the operation will grow as your business grows and orders increase.

There are product fulfillment service companies which will do everything for you. The orders placed on your website are routed to the fulfillment company, who will pick and pack your item and ship it. They also will keep an inventory on hand. Since they do all the logistics for you, you won’t have to hire additional employees or rent space to store your product inventory.If you think you need the help of a fulfillment services company, check out They provide storage and warehousing by storing your items until an order comes in. They also do inventory control by maintaining inventory counts as goods are shipped. When an order is received, they provide pick and pack services. One there’s order fulfillment or the order is packed, they’ll arrange for shipment of the product.

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