Saturday, December 10, 2011

Geeky Products

Let’s go visit some gadgets again at Geekalerts.Com. If you visit the site, you’ll also find ThinkGeek promo code and Think Geek coupons. GeekAlerts.Com features a lot of Think Geek gadgets.
Since I’m not so “geeky”, I’ll just post some cute stuff I recently found on their website. These colorful animal themed  towels are so cute. These would be a great gift for baby shower. Babies would look even cuter with these.

How about a maternity musical device? Maybe the baby will get musical before they even enter the world. Some people say that talking to the baby while you’re still pregnant is good. The baby can also listen to the soothing music so maybe s/he will be calm and not kick inside the mommy’s womb. Seriously, they said listening to music can add intelligence.  
A mouse and mouse pad would make good gifts for Valentine's day. I think they are cute too.
 I saw these fake tattoo sleeves before last Halloween. I want some of these, I can get instant tattoes and there won't be any need to worry to remove them in the future.

If you are looking for a Dell coupon, they also have it at All pictures are from their website. Do you have a "geek" website you keep looking at?

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Wonder Woman said...

Aww I love the towels! So cute! Wish we had them here...

jyothisethu said...

sure, they are geeky...


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