Sunday, December 18, 2011

8 Tips for a Head Start on the Holiday Season

Preparing your home and mind for the holidays is never easy and manytasks often get left till the last minute. Part of the problem is we sometimes feel the process has to be kind oflike spring cleaning but in truth, there’s a lot less to worry about. Unless you truly have time and energy for going through closets andstorage or boxes in the attic the focus should be on things that will enhancethe experience of being with friends and family.

That said, here are a few ideas to give you ahead start and take off some of the pressure when it’s crunch time:

1. Organize the kitchen: Chances are you’re going to be doing a lot of cooking for your loved ones and other guests. That’s why one of your top priorities should be to organize the kitchen so you can find what you need when you need it. Also, if you’re really going to have a full house you may want to label some of those custom kitchen cabinets so friends and family can help themselves to things like coffee, tea, and sugar.

2. Holiday cards: Purchase or make your own but start filling them out now because the longer you wait the shorter some of those personal messages may get.

3. Clean house crud: Take a look around the house and see if there’s any noticeable crud needing to be removed. Sometimes it’s on or around door knobs and cabinet doors or about waist level on the walls when passing between rooms.

4. Prep the guest room: Some guests arrive on time and others who may be flying in from out of town could show up earlier than you expected. To avert awkward moments prep the guest room early by clearing out clutter, setting aside linens, vacuuming, and adding some chocolates and other welcoming pieces around the room. That way you’ll just have to do some minor dusting shortly before they arrive.

5. Gifts: Start making the gift list now so you know exactly what you want to get.

6. Dusting the decorations: Sometimes holiday decorations that weren’t put away properly the previous year end up collecting a lost of dust. This is especially true of artificial trees that aren’t easy to wrap up and store. If some of your family members have sensitivities to dust or mold do the following before bringing these items into the main living space: Wipe off decorations and ornaments as best as possible and wash the tree down outside letting it dry completely in the sun prior to bringing it back inside.

7. New Years plans: Don’t wait for last minute deals. If you’re planning on traveling make reservations now, as flights and rooms will fill up quickly.

8. New Years resolutions: Think now about how you want next year to begin so when the clock strikes twelve you’re ready for change!

Jakob Barry writes for covers various home improvement topics including commercial electricians and concrete cutting .


momto8 said...

good list! And good reminders that thinking and planning ahead saves us time and energy!

kimmy said...

gosh! i haven't done any of these yet. i am so late for Christmas, lol!


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