Monday, December 5, 2011

Donor Walls

Recently I took a visit to a new building and while in the reception area I looked around and saw their brass plaques which were on their donor walls.  They were a list of everyone inside and outside of the company who had donated to the fund for the new building.  I thought it was a great way to show appreciation to those donors, and to leave an everlasting legacy that people will see decades from now.  Even in Disneyland, they use plaques with brass writings like the one below.

Have you ever left a job and were presented with a plague that had your dates of service and your major accomplishments?  Many companies do that these days, and then we can put them on our walls at home to keep track of our careers and to feel proud of the work we did at each company.  If you’ve donated to a project and your name is included on the donor wall, you can take your children and show them your name and explain the part you played. 
Anyway, Christmas is really here. It's coming too quickly. I see The Salvation Army commercials on TV and I can hear their bells ringing when I go downtown.
I hope everyone will have a great Christmas this year.


jyothisethu said...

donor walls is a great idea...
thanksgiving to those who care is always nice...

mommy-razz said...

para ka lang teen-ager na nagpoise sa donor wall na yan.. hehe! ang cute..

Rose said...

I never have one plaque, but a lot of appreciative certificates. Lol!

Merry xmas in advance to you!

Anonymous said...

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