Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Little talk about music

When it comes to music, I think I am so outdated, I like those mushy songs from the 80's and I remember older people at our house played really old songs when I was a kid. That doesn't really help in catching up with modern music. I'm a frustrated musician, can't really sing. Well, I can sing, I just don't sing good. Last year, I bought RC a piano for Christmas and when she gets a little older, I want her to take some piano or voice lessons. So hopefully, her mom (that's me!) can afford all that on top of school expenses in the future.
Here's RC last year playing her piano after gift opening on Christmas day.

Now, she is also using her piano as a chair.
Speaking of music, I just found these classic music boxes online, they are beautifully  made and handcrafted from Italy, I love how glossy they look and of course, they would make a soothing kind of music. It would be good to just lie down and play the box while I relax.  They come in variety of colors, shapes and themes to choose from and can be custom-made.  It’s good to express one’s self in artistic way. This would also be a great decoration in a room and maybe a conversation piece with visitors.
Christmas music boxes are also available at Amazingmusicbox.com.This post is brought to you by their site. 


Ladawan said...

hahah natawa naman ako kay RC inupuan na lang ang piano nya,, hi cutie RC!

Jing said...

Ohh i love the one in light brown color. o nga,funny si RC!inupuan ang piano. haha. lovely girl!

Ola said...

I always ended up my music education at the 80's:)


hey your babe is sooooo adorable! kissssses! <3
i love seeing babies smile!

im a frusttrated singer too. haha! and i badly wanted to learn the piano!

Taradiddles of a Style on a Budget

Alice Law said...

Lovely music box!^-^ I'm sure when RC grows older, she will entertain you with that adorable piano!;)

Have a nice day!


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