Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Is it time to shine?

I want to thank Miss Holly of  Their Little World for featuring RC. Their website is full of cuteness and little fashionistas. The picture I sent was not too good but since it is a luxury clothing line website that carries Ralph Lauren, I decided to send a picture of RC wearing RL.

My blog got featured at Pocketchange, thanks to Miss Krista. It's not just a regular fashion blog, it's a home, pet, and baby blog rolled into one. It's truly a fabulous website.

For RC, this is not the first time I was asked for her picture and I know I have a beautiful daughter so it's no surprise (yes, i'm a proud mom). But my blog in general, I was hesitant. Looking at my previous posts, I was strutting my thrifted clothes and my dresses that are pretty cheap. I mean, I don't think I come close to those blogs with pretty ladies and high end fashion. This blog is mostly about my moments with RC.

It's getting really late. I waited for RC to go to sleep before I tried updating my blog. I'll leave you all with a goodnight kiss from my sweet baby. Nite nite everyone!

**picture taken the same time as the piano picture on my previous post**

I'll try to do better with pictures on my next posts, maybe have more outfit/food photos on my next entries.



Alice Law said...

Congratulation to RC and mommy! RC is definitely a born model, very photogenic too!^-^

LOve both pictures that featured in Their Little World and Pocketchange! Have a nice day!

sexyjessie said...

Muuvaah, kisses to her back. :)

Cheeeryl said...

I was amused at that photo in the previous post where she used her piano as her chair. She's a natural cutie.

prince n princess mum said...

Your blog is getting popular!

anney said...

Super pretty naman talaga ng baby! Pwede sa commercial o mag artista.


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