Monday, November 29, 2010

Night at the cabin

 At this time, we are unable to take any vacations so why not staycation. I can't take off any more days off from work and my job is strict when it comes to attendance, one minute late is late and vacation days have to be accumulated and approved.

This was the second time during this year that we stayed in a cabin. The cabin we stayed in this time was a better version, the kitchen, the doors, beds, mostly everything was updated compared to the one we stayed before. Here's me modeling for one of the bedrooms.

 I was already tired here from the driving even if I was just a passenger but my family still had lots of energy so I was trying to keep up by posing.

Pictures of the night with RC


Ginny said...

This looks very nice for a cabin. I see you weren't roughing it too much, and had modern conveniences. RC is a doll, so cute! I want to pick her up and heg her!! Your night tree pictures are stunning! My favorite is the one with the close-up of the feathery leaves!

From the Kitchen said...

Hello! I just met you on Ginny's wonderful photography blog (and, I actually met the delightful Ginny in person in October) and stopped by. I'm so glad I did because your photography is great. The two photos of the trees gave me cold shivers--you really captured the rawness of the night. And, your little one is beautiful.

I'm a beginning photographer and long time cook so my blog is a combination.


Dressing Up For Me said...

Hahaha! Cute ni RC sa 1st pic. I´ve always loved staying in a cabin, we haven´t tried that yet. By the way, is that a necklace you´re wearing or is it part of the neckline of your top? ;)

Rebecca Rose said...

Oo nga palipat lipat ako haha.. Anyway lakwatsera kasi ako haha. I don't know what spirit came to me eh.

Anyway I added na nga pala yung follower link sa blog ko. ;-)

Fabi Pina said...

What a cool idea!! I'll make sure to pass this one to my parents. :D

Gremliness said...

RC overshadowed your nice poses =)

Mom Daughter Style said...

Bonnie- I don't think I'm a good photographer, I just have a great camera
Che-I'm wearing a necklace separate from my top.

Ginny said...

Hey! I can't find a place to comment on your Alex and alexa post! So I thoughtr I'd write it here and hope you see it. What a cool idea for shoppers, their own advent calendar! I have never heard of this store, though.


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