Saturday, July 3, 2010


I think we've gone crazy going to Ruby Tuesday, we went there this morning. But this was the first time we went there for breakfast which is about 50% less than the cost of their lunch. We also requested that we ate at their outdoor sitting area. It's also very close to where we live.
These biscuits are deliscioso, me and RC ate about 3 out of 4 that we had.
It's obvious which one is RC's.
Steak Lunch plate, the steak was great.
Pork hash with fried rice and eggs.  I am not very pleased with this plate, it was okay though.
RC fed this birds, I know the staff there probably didn't like having a birds buffet in their restaurant but hey, we were outdoors.
We did some walking at the grassy area just outside the restaurant. RC had a good time climbing into this little  hills.

The only picture of me for today so I don't have much choice which one to post. Wearing an old top, a long tube tiered top turned into a skirt, Covington sandals and Coach bag.

My latest ring, I bought for $4 at a local store.

I know I should use my new camera more often. I did bring it but it was low battery, it was good I bought my small one. Also, a small digicam is so much more convenient to bring.


Mrs. Kolca said...

interesting ring :)

mom & son said...

If Ruby Tuesday knows that you did a post about them, you should get free meal. LOL!
Awww, baby RC is still chunky kahit sobrang likot na nya and she does a lot of walking ha. Maganda ba ang appetite nya sa pagkain?

I agree, small cam is more convenient to bring than DSLR. Like us mommies na halos ang laman ng bag natin eh puro baby stuff which there's no enough room for heavy cam. Minsan tinatamad na rin ako magbitbit ng camera bag kc sobrang bigat din. Mommah Ces, get an extra camera batt for ur DSLR para in case na ma-lowbat may back up ka. Ganun ginagawa ko.

P.S. Thank you! Nope, those photos weren't taken at HD, dito lang un sa flowershop malapit sa amin.

Kata Wagner Berg said...

omg! That breakfast looks so great!
And I love your ring! I like everything with bows! :)
You was in a very beautiful place with your beautiful one :)
Have a nice Sunday!

Dressing Up For Me said...

I missed eating biscuits like those. Uy Ces, RC is a nature lover. That´s so nice to hear. :)

Can´t see clearly what you´re wearing, nakatago ka sa yellow post. lol! I like your bow ring though, cute ang style! :)

Ladawan said...


Ola said...

Ring is great, perfect for summer


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