Sunday, June 27, 2010

We love Ruby Tuesday... and LBC

We went to Ruby Tuesday again this afternoon, we just came back a few hours ago. I love how they decorate their restaurants with the vintage looking lamps.

Food, no picture of the dessert we had though.

The silly little girl doesn't want to cooperate with picture taking. I didn't have a nice pic to show either while we were there.

Here is what I wore, another smocked dress with mixed pattern. The shoes is my latest, Vaneli from Nordstrom rack.  I'm gaining some weight lately. I actually look heavier in person I think that people start to think I am pregnant, really. 

The next portion of this post will be all of RC. She's becoming more and more sillier each day.

I just sent two boxes of LBC yesterday, I also sent one last week. Sending three boxes hurt, $60 for each.  The boxes are just filled with our old clothes but I would rather send it to my grandma who is still in the Philippines instead of donating them at Goodwill. I know it would go to somebody who will be happy to get them whether it is just her neighbor, her old housekeeper, somebody I probably don't know.

My little helper, as I put things inside, she picks them up and throw them on the floor. As you can see, she had different outfits cause I filled these boxes on different days. We're trying to get rid of stuff so we would have more space in our apartment.

I remember the first time I donated some of her clothes, it gave me a lot of anxiety. Weird  but true, I can't let go of the first clothes that she have worn especially that dress she wore on her first month birthday. I did good this time, I did not feel that emotionally attached to her clothes. I think giving them away is the best thing to do right now.

She is a brave little kid. I get so nervous a lot of times being with her. She would keep on climbing and stepping on anything.

I just want to put this picture because it was funny for me. This is the second time she did this while I am cooking. That "pot" was a part of her potty training chair that she have yet to use. That tells me how creative she can be. 
There are some items I can't put in the LBC boxes so they will go to Goodwill. She almost never used this Moses basket when she was a small baby.

More than one month to go before I go to the Philippines, I can't wait but nervous at the same time.

Thanks for those who still look through my blog and for the nice comments even if I can't return the favor that quick.


mom & son said...

Hahaha, silly Baby RC!
I know, they are so fearless and they are such a tease just like Mr.F. Huh, while I am cleaning/vacuuming he will throw stuff on the floor that i just cleaned. Sobrang kulit talaga but I can't get mad at him. He will just look at me and smile.

I am planning to send balikbayan box too hopefully next month. Letting go of baby's stuff is hard pero I kept Mr.Freddy's clothes lalo na ung memorable/first clothes he wore, his clothes he wore during his christening and I even kept his binkie. LOL!

Uy, lapit na vacay mo! Buti ka pa, ako matagalan pa cgro I will just wait pag malaki at may isip na c Mr.Freddy.

Btw, that lamp sa Ruby Tuesday parang ang dami nyan sa Pinas db. Hehehe, baka made in Pinas pa 'yan.

Ola said...

She looks so cute in blue! And definietly seems that she is a good model:) Nice restaurant, I like the interiors

nmaha said...

Hi! this is my first time here and I must say your daughter is a cutie.

Dressing Up For Me said...

Hay naku you´re little girl is so smart! Ayaw na ba magpa-picture? ;)

Anyway, you don´t look preggers at all with your dress. I like it, it looks so comfy!

I don´t usually send balikbayan boxes at home, super mahal dito ang cost, grabeh. Your photos are so clear, are those from the new cam? Nagutom ako sa food, I hope to see more food photos next time. hahaha!

Happy Monday, Ces!

PS: I paint my own nails, no choice they´re discolored kasi from wearing closed shoes for too long and the sandals are very OLD! ;)

Melai said...

Dear thanks for dropping by my blog. Your comment was really heartwarming kahit short lang. Your baby is sooo cute and I love your animal print shoes. I'll follow you and your baby's style. I love to see how you style her as she grows up. :)

Melai of Style and Soul

Ladawan said...

Hi Ces! naku sana makasama ako dyan sa maambunan ng mga boxes na yan're going home pala dito sa so exciting! prepare for your sunny get up hahah super init pa din dito! ingat!

Gremliness said...

=) Really excited na si RC sa Philippine trip nya, look at her smile sa box.

I like that pix where she's climbing the glass table. Those are part of the moments to be treasured. Malikot sila but then we set aside our fear, be on the side, and watch them climb as an encouragement that they can be capable of what they want =)

Rocker Chic said...

love all the pics the food look amazing love love love this.

betz said...

uuwi ka? i am so jealous!!! RC's gonna stand out there for sure! :)


PS: Maybe you wanna check out the new blog my friend and I made. It's everything NYC and more!

hahpiness said...

wow beautiful child. :) whos taking the pics sis? they are beautiful as well.

thanks fro visiting my site.

hahpiness said...

wow beautiful child. :) whos taking the pics sis? they are beautiful as well.

thanks fro visiting my site.

Mom Daughter Style said...

momandson- dami ko gusto isagot sa comment mo pero next time nalang hihihi visit ko ulit blog mo
hahpiness- i take the pictures in this post.
cheryl- yes, they're from the new cam, lagi lang nga nakaAuto kc di pa namin alam masyado gamitin

thanks everyone for the nice comments and for being followers.

T.H said...

wow love your attire and the shoes so lovely too!!

pensandlens said...

oh are going back to the Philippines, so happy for you enjoy your vacation there...RC is getting bigger and smarter dear...

are you using your new camera? great shots and I felt hungry just looking at your photos...

take care love

Tere said...

i love your blog too! is fantastic and very nice!
I love the photos, very beautiful :P
kisses from

Kimberellie said...

Okay, first, you don't look like you are gaining weight at all. You look beautiful and perfect. And I LOVE your dress! Love the necklace with it!

Also you daughter is so pretty!!

And I understand about the clothes: I just kept my very favorite outfits, the one's that really felt belonged to my son. I'm going to keep them forever!

Jing said...

ang cute naman ng little helper mo, Ms. Ces! ganda ganda ng mga pics!

Alice Law said...

I can foresee RC will be a beautiful lady in her near future! ^-^ She is so energetic!

have a wonderful day to you!

Carmen Araneta said...

Hello to both of you! You have the cutest little model in the world, like mother, like daughter.

Meream said...

These are the cutest photos of RC yet. And no, you don't look like you're pregnant :)

Uniqua said...

The food looks super good and you and your daughter look super cute !

Mrs. Kolca said...

Daming laman ng LBC box ah. Daming new clothes siguro ng kiddo mo sis.

Btw, please come and visit my new blog PINK MAGALINE. I have a contest still running. Joining is very easy, just follow and drop a comment. Thanks. See ya there! :)


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