Sunday, July 18, 2010

May mixed pics

I was just going to let this May pictures pass and not post it in my blog but I want to keep up with what's going on with RC, our mini getaways and even just the restaurants we've been.  

I'm not sure if the wetness on her dress was a drool or spill from her cup, it could be both.

What we ordered: Chicken with portabello mushroom and Korean ribs with kimchi, corn and rice.

What I look like that day.

The next pics were from a food court near our apartment. Carrying a plastic bag doesn't look great, but I don't mind.

Here's my type of food, cheap filipino plate -pinakbet,rice and lechon kawali. RC had most of the squash from my plate.

I attended a conference also in May of this year. I didn't have any picture taken but I tried to take some pictures of the landscape outside the building.

I'm sorry for the lack of comments. It's been a little stressful lately, I still look at your blogs though, just don't have a lot of words to share.  Two more weeks and I'm on my way to the Philippines, yay!


mom & son said...

Hello Mother Dear!
Spending time with Mr.F is my most beautiful day. I get a chance to chuckle with him.
Btw, RC is getting chubbier at mukhang ayaw na magpahawak sa iyo, she wants to do things by herself na ha.

I have been so busy too, wish I could visit all my blogofriends esp my Ate Che who always takes time out to comment on my post. I love her, she's so sweet.

Uy, have a safe trip to Pinas!

The Owl's Closet said...

awww RC is so cute!! i love ur dress above with the frills:) wow, the area where u had ur conference is beautiful! i hope u get some rest soon from the stress:) have a good trip!

The Owl's Closet said...

p.s. thanks again for the comment on my blog:) yes, come out to california! there are a lot of sights to see;) i think RC will have a blast! hehe

Mrs. Kolca said...

Bilib ako sau. I seriously can't eat kimchi. Yay.

Carmen said...

your child is so cute!!
like the pictures!!


Sweet said...

Oh my, those foods makes my mouth drool....I hate being on a diet....gawd!!!!

okay stop ranting about food...gorgeous photos and I love the top you are it purple or a splash of many colors?

take care love

Dressing Up For Me said...


Have a safe trip back to Pinas. I know you can´t contain your excitement any more. ;) RC´s so big na,time flies so swiftly. That´s a cute ruffle top you´re wearing and I miss pinakbet! Hmm, I might just make one for lunch this week. ;)

Gremliness said...

I'm excited with what's in store for RC in the Philippines - like a modelling offer? =)

Btw, you look fab in that plastic bag-from-the-grocery picture with RC, sincerely =).

cherie said...

i love looking at pictures of food in your blog... so so yummy!! and you look great in your ruffle top too :)

Ola said...

the food looks so delicious, I immediatly want to have my lunch right now:)

cpsanti said...

hi there! your daughter looks simply adorable ;-)

MissNeira said...

You guys look so cute! Love that dress on you!

Kimberellie said...

I adore your ruffle front blouse! And your little girl is SO DARN CUTE!!!!! And oh, you've made me hungry! Thanks for sharing all this!!

vitaMinn style said...

Oh wow, a trip to the Phils, that will be so much fun! You can eat all the lechon kawali, pinakbet and puto bungbong that I crave so much!! Please have a feast and enjoy all those Pinoy treats for all of us!!

Have a grand time and take care.

T.H said...

so nice sis going to pinay. oh yeah the chicken top is cheese?

Alice Phua said...

Wonderful outing! About being stressed at work and not having much time to bloghop, oh, we working mothers understand. Myself too, off and on, was too occupied at work until got no time to browse other mummy's blogs...only got that little time to just quickly post something up in own blog, and after that it's either back to work or off home to care for baby!

Bombchell said...

wow i need to start checking out more places for food


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