Sunday, September 5, 2010

Swimming in pinas

RC doesn't look too happy with the first picture but I do.

It was our first time at this resort, it doesn't have slides and other stuff but I like it because the water looks clean, the kiddie pool fits RC's height and we don't have to share the pool with hundreds of other people, not crowded at all.  They also have their own restaurant. The location wasn't very accessible though maybe that explains why there were only a few people in there.

RC did enjoy it, it just doesn't show in pictures. She was screaming and giggling.  For some reason she wants to be in the bigger pool than the kiddie one.

No bikini for me. I didn't want to show off my stretch  marks and belly fats. I wasn't too prepared for this gathering anyway. Relatives came at our hotel and decided we go swimming, I even forgot to take towels with me so we had to borrow.

It was our first trip without the dear husband, RC has gotten to be so clingy to me. It was tough the first week then it became easier. Can't even go pee without her crying! Not to mention we had to take a bath/shower together.

**compulsive thought of the night- change my header to RC and mommy, I think it rhymes.


Ola said...

The water looks indeed very clean, I do not like to crowded pools

Dressing Up For Me said...


Didn´t you have a hard time traveling with RC without somebody to help you bring your bags, etc especially at the airports? I´m thinking of that prospect too when I´ll have a kid of my own because the hubs is working, anyway wala pa naman so hindi na muna iisipin.hahaha!

Anyway, looks like you had a great time in Pinas and I like the new header. :)

Meream said...

Aww hope you had a fab time! Any child from the Philippines should have a good jeepney photo :)


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