Wednesday, September 8, 2010

40th, i'm not turning 40 yet, it's just my 40th post (correction, 39th, there was one draft post that was counted) **, hopefully there will be more to come.  I'm still enjoying this and I hope I continue to blog.

--pictures from Sunday morning after going to church--
--we were  swinging together, so sweet--

--she wanted to put her hands so high--
--she was happy and looking at me when I started using the swing too, not just you baby--

--she did not want to go home yet but it was too hot, she got no more drinks--

--Monday, Labor day, no work, the hubby did not date me so I found another date, my coworkers--
--just took some picture before I went to the theatre to see The Last Exorcism, the movie wasn't great but I'm so glad it's not very scary as I thought--
--just noting that I haven't been to the theatre for about two years, I remember the last time I was still pregnant with RC, that's why I can't say no even if I hated going to horror movies--

--RC insisted I should take a picture with her--


Ola said...

She is so cute-and on 6th and 7th picture looks like a princess:)

StarrW said...

your daughter is so cute! i love the pictures where she is in the park.

Signe said...

Your Ddughter is such a aweetheart :)

J said...

You and your daughter are both beautiful.


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