Saturday, May 15, 2010

A day in paradise

Sharing some pictures from our mother's day weekend.  I'm a little lazy to type tonight so I won't put much captions. We had a wonderful time and already planning on going back there. Two half days wasn't enough to enjoy the place.

Somebody's pushing my butt.

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

What I wore: shirt from a garage sale, old shorts, black leggings, sunnies from a local store, Dooney and bourke handbag
what she wore: Children's place onesie, leggings with tutu from Nordstrom rack, wonderkids shoes from K-mart, bows from K-mart, vest from  a CVS owned drugstore


Meream said...

She always looks like a total darling in pink. :)

Mrs. Kolca said...

Hey, belated happy Mother's Day! You are posting really amazing photos. I love the beach. Love the outfits too :D

Betty said...

hey dear,
thanks a lot for your comment on my blog!
you and your daughter, you´re a dream team, you´ve got amazing photos!!
love, betty

Dressing Up For Me said...

Love that photo of you sitting on the rocks, Ces! RC wearing a tutu? it´s so cute. :)

Belated Happy Mother´s Day to you!

PS: I had a lot growing in my arms,sa tummy and more than 10 spots on my face. Nag peel-off na kasi and now they´ve turned pinkish. hehe!

Kimberellie said...

These pics are absolutely gorgeous!!!!

I love the outfits too! Your daughter is SO DARN CUTE! Also, why don't they make clothes like that in big people sizes? I would so wear that!

and thanks for your compliments on my pics! :-D!!!

Nori said...

Thanks for visiting my site sweetie. Your daughter is so lovely :)

Jing said...

saan to Ms. Ces? ganda naman.baka makapunta ako next weekend.char lang!in my dreams.hahaha.

i love the checkerd top and its color!i love RC's outfit too.very cute!

Ola said...

What a wonderful sea behind you! I envy the climate, here is cold and rainy, terrible May:(

Sweet said...

awww...RC looks fab as always...both of you are wearing pink with leggings...hehheheh!!!

she is getting bigger and cutier and prettier everyday!!!

take care always...
happy mother's day to you heheheh...i forgot if I was able to greet or not...

take care love!!!



Alice Law said...

I love greens, wavy sea and beautiful seaside...thanks for sharing!

have a nice day ahead, looking forward to more beautiful pictures of RC and you!

Mode Junkie said...

love her tutu! and your shirt! :) i wish my next baby would be a girl. so much fun dressing them up!


Gizelle | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

wow, the grass is so green...if i'm there, i would have been tempted to roll on them and have photos taken with me going crazy over them..hehe. here, el nino has made everything brown..buhu.

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Leah said...

Beautiful images... and of course the color coordination is there... love it! Where is this place? Have a great week! xoxo

Gremliness said...

I dont mind the captions, the pictures speak! You're so blessed to have the natural flora near the beaches =)

Another RC model outfit =)

Golden said...

Love your daughter's black tulle dress. She looks so cute and adorable!

Ang ganda ng view, ha. Kakainggit!

Lots of love,

vitaMinn style said...

Gosh, I've only been gone for weeks and it seems RC already grew a few inches. Amazing how these little ones grow so fast, almost right before your eyes! Love her wearing that black tutu, so adorable! Can you please send her over so I could squeeze those cheeks!

Nice to catch-up here on your blog. I read your post about "I'm a Midget" and I can totally relate about the insecurities issue. I too have a long list. Everytime I feel like wallowing in self-pity, I just remind myself of how blessed I am in other ways and that I have a hubz who loves me just for me....

Take care!

Mom Daughter Style said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
cherie said...

your baby is the cutest! i love the tulle skirt, so ballerina-ish :)

the place is so beautiful, it looks like you enjoyed a lot.

Rebecca Rose said...

OMG can u please adopt me??? haha I wanna go there! U and your daughter are soooo adorable.

mom & son said...

hello mama ces!
it's so great hear that you had a wonderful
mother's day. me, we just stayed home. i was so tired and took a very long nap.

my dear, sobrang likot na ni baby RC ha.
once she knows how to open the door, keep an eye on her. my freddy does this all the time, pag nakatalikod lang ako , ayayay, ayun biglang takbo palabas ng bahay.

Tracy (The Wardrobe Wanderer) said...

Gorgeous!!!!!! and I want to visit where you are--WOW!


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