Friday, May 21, 2010

Another day in paradise

This is a continuation of my previous post. We enjoyed this resort a lot and we already reserved one night so we'll be there again for an early father's day (one week before) celebration. 

I know I overdid the black leggings but I love wearing them, so comfy and I feel that I can be carefree. Also, since it was mother's day, this was the closest we can get to having matching outfits without buying new clothes.

Just taking a stroll along the hallway. I love the carpets.

They say kids cannot appreciate going places so much but I think this time, RC really did enjoy having a different enviroment, the moment she stepped into the room, she was having a good time running around.

I was almost 35 weeks pregnant in this last photo. I was wearing the same dress as in the pictures above. It's not a maternity dress.

Have a great weekend!


pensandlens said...

oh I super love the is my favorite color love!!! cutie pie cute!!!

you matched!!! awww...

much love,

mom & son said... the matching outfits, Mama Ces!
She's so cute! Love the 3rd photo. so candid shot!

Wow, maganda ka pa rin kahit nung buntis ka. Di ka tumaba.

Alice Law said...

A great week to you too!

Wow, it does look like a paradise to me... the sand, beaches and gigantic stones! I like the carpet design too, very nice... and your dress, it must be very comfortable in it!

p/s: Love RC's lovely smile, she has quite a number of teeth now!;)

Dressing Up For Me said...

RC ang cute and she has all her teeth na? hihihi! Sarap talaga mag-nature trip Ces, no?

Is it still cold in there kasi you´re wearing tights outside? You´re so sexy na, I like that tube dress on you lalo na when you go bare legged. It´s a perfect for summer!

Happy weekend, Ces!

PS: I don´t do yoga na, I used to do it when I was working because I had insomnia pero lately hindi na kasi hindi na ako masyadong stressed.;)

Kimberellie said...

Yeah, kids do love going to new places! You look beautiful in that dress. And your daughter is SO CUTE!!!

Mrs. Kolca said...

Super ganda ng place na yan sis. Paradise nga. Ang cute den ng matching outfits nyo ni baby. So summery.

Ola said...

Lovely dress, and your dress fits with your daughter's dress, both elegant

chubskulit said...

Blooming even pregnant.. Can't get over with your posts lol.. Lovin it.


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