Wednesday, March 28, 2012

From Cable to DirecTV

Many people are ditching their Cable TV nowadays because some TV programs can now be seen online. I’ve decided that I want to terminate our cable subscription too but my husband is not ready yet.  They just increased the monthly fee for cable in our area.  I think the cable box is just collecting dust under the TV. I feel that RC watches too much TV too. Our TV is always on cartoon channels.

For people who want to save but would still want to keep the regular TV channels, one option is to have a Direct TV subscription, it is much cheaper than cable. However, I have not tried this myself so I can only compare pricing. I still have yet to do my research too on what channels they offer. Did you ever see the DirecTV commercials? I thought they were funny because they connected unrelated events into something hilarious. You can find more information at dx3 direct tv (clickable). Their packages start at $29.99.

I don’t think there is too much difference on DirecTV and Cable TV so I’m not really sure why cable is a lot higher. I think we can still have our cable online internet access subscription and cancel the TV cable.

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