Thursday, March 29, 2012


Guest post written by Joseph Finch

I’m new here in town and my landlord gave me a handy little flyer with all the local numbers and contact information I will need to get things set up. I used, as listed on the flyer to get my tv hooked up. The thing I’m trying to figure out now is the bus system. One of the main reasons why I chose this apartment complex is that it is on the bus loop. I do have a car, but it is far from reliable. I need to have a backup plan for getting to work if my car doesn't star. It looks like a bus comes every 45 minutes; I’m just not sure if they all go the same route or if they go different routes. The map is confusing to me. I think it was originally color coded, but my landlord’s copy is black and white. I can’t tell what they are referencing. I might just have to go to the bus station and get a colored map this afternoon or tonight.

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