Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Double Glazing

These days with the cost of heating and cooling your home going up at an alarming rate, all of us are trying to find ways to cut energy consumption.  We have removed some unneeded light bulbs and are replacing the needed bulbs with more energy efficient models.  We have also started limiting our trips due to the crazy price of gas, and we try to combine trips to keep costs lower.  Here in Hawaii we don't really worry about heating bills, but the air conditioning bills can really add up in the warmer months of August through December.  But in those places that have cold weather, energy efficient windows can really make a difference in the monthly utility bills because they keep the warm air inside the home and the cold air on the outside where it belongs. 
In the United Kingdom, for example, they use a method called double glazing to make windows more efficient.  That is where you use double glass that is separated by air or a gas to reduce heat transfer.  Since double glazing prices can vary quite a bit, you should be a smart shopper and find the best service for the price you pay.  There's a website called http://www.alldoubleglazing.co.uk that will take your information and then provide you with up to four quotes from companies who provide double glazing services. 
Please visit alldoubleglazing.co.uk, this post is brought to you by their website.

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