Sunday, March 21, 2010

SF Part 2- Stowe Lake

Stowe Lake, I love this place. It looks very relaxing and not crowded. It was cold for me though , I'm not used to cold, I was worried that RC did not have enough clothes on to keep her warm. I thought her jacket was not thick enough. She was still recovering from cold when we went to SF. I almost went alone but she was better just two days before we left and the tickets are non-refundable so there we went. I figure if she's not feeling well while we were there, we'll just stay at my  brother's apartment the whole time, at least we were able to visit some family. Luckily, the entire trip she did not get a fever although she had runny nose which she gets a lot of times.


Ola said...

Wow, this place is absolutely perfect! I love the turtles, so cute!:)

Cheryl said...

This place look so peaceful and at the same time invigorating! Can´t get over the ducks and the turtles. ;) Is napping allowed here? I´d gladly bring along a sleeping mat and sleep until early evening, hahaha! The last photo of RC is so funny and cute at the same time.;)

Have a lovely MOnday, Ces!

PS: Spain is a lot cheaper than Paris or London and so if you´ll finally able to visit Europe,dito na kayo. ;)

Anonymous said...

In really love the to see photos of wonderful places like parks with is so different, quite and calm..SO love it!!!!

thank you for your comment...I am okay now, the bruises are healing but still having scary flashback of what happened...but in God's time I will be okay thank you again.


Kata Wagner Berg said...

What a beautiful place!
Remind me a place in Japan...
Good night sweet Mom! ( here it's noon soon) :)

mom & son said...

Hello Mommy Ces!
I missed you!
Sorry, ang tagal ko di nakapag comment sa posts mo.

Mommy, bagay na bagay sau ang haircut mo.
Lalong gumaganda at blooming ka.

Looks like you and baby RC enjoyed the trip.
Mr.Freddy saw the turtles by the way and he's happy to see them and he kept on saying ''tu-tle''. LOL!

I've never been to the West Coast yet. Hopefully, this year early Fall.

Have a great day and kisses to baby RC.

vitaMinn style said...

Enjoyed looking at your pix! Haven't been to San Fran in nearly a decade, hope to visit again sometime.

Did you get a new dslr? Your pix are much sharper!!

Get well soon to RC!

Sak said...

im glad i found your blog..such cute pictures..they loook peaceful and very soothing..

Eden said...

your child is most adorable! love the feel of these shots:) sigh. if only the weather here in the PI is not THAT hot at this time:)

looking great! hope you can come by to check out/follow me sometime:)


Ces said...

Cheryl- that made me think. baka makapunta ako ng Spain sooner than expected

Grace- no I did not get a new DLSR, just the same small camera, i wish

Mom and Son- yes you should visit the West Coast, I think you will like it.

Everyone--thanks for all the sweet comments. Appreciated.


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