Sunday, January 31, 2010

Red Lobster

It has been a good Sunday. We went to Red Lobster then to a beautiful botanical garden. I'll first post our pictures from the restaurant.

She enjoyed coloring. She even tasted the crayons =). Below is one plate that we ordered, lobster and shrimps. The only one I took a picture of. So far, I've only had lobsters at Red Lobster. Of course, we ordered more but I felt shy taking pictures of each plate.

Here's RC in the car. She's using a big girl seat now.  Not her best picture but her mom think she's still cute.

Below is also a picture I took from the car. We had a beautiful view.

I have been wearing these boots almost everyday since I got them. I'm also loving wearing tights now. I think I will get more.

I'll post more pictures of us in the botanical garden. I have to resize the pictures so I can download them easily.


Toni said...

RC is sooo charming and the food looks delicious!
i like the stripe details on your tights!


mom & son said...

Hello Mommy Ces.
You're glowing. Mukhang hindi ka na-haggard ni
baby RC ngaun.
Abah, dapat lng patronize your own product. Kahit madungis
man sila maganda pa rin sa paningin natin mga mommies.
Awww...Mr. Freddy likes to taste a crayon din. Hayy...he's on his
terrible twos na.

O cge mommah, i have to go to bed na.
pagod and beauty ng lola mo ngaun. we had a busy weekend.
bahbooshh and ttyl!

Nadine said...

Really cute picture... your daughter is so lovely.

lovelyviolet5 said...

your daughter is so cute.LOVE the tights you should get more!

pensandlens said...

Your daughter is getting bigger cute.

Love the tights dear, show it, flaunt it!


Rebecca Rose said...

awwww u two are so adorable and I gotta agree with that view is really beautiful.

Ola said...

I want to try this lobster-looks delicious. It seems that you had a great time this week.

Leah said...

RC is growing so fast... she is so cute and so pretty. xoxo

betz said...

Look at RC and her pretty smile... She's a darling!!!


Gizelle said...

love the first photo wear RC was smiling really big..hehehe.

and hey, i use a canon's not a dslr but sorta like one. it's small enough to carry in your bag as well...

Meg said...

You both look lovely and that view is amazing!

Denise said...

oh cute. she's always so happy.

I am Denise Katipunera

Cheryl said...

RC's really grown so big na. How time flies!

The food is delish, Ces! Mmmm... seafoods are my favorite.If I like the food and presentation, I always take a picture of them even if I get some curious stares once in a while.hahaha!

Congrats on your awards! You deserve them.;)

Ces said...

Thanks for all the lovely comments

Red Lobster said...

I think the most delicious dish of Red Lobster is Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits


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