Sunday, December 25, 2011

Rebuilding Credit Fast

With the bad financial collapse experienced by the American economy starting in late 2008, many of us are left with credit histories that have unfavorable information in them due to late payments, non-payments, and perhaps foreclosures and bankruptcies.  But you may ask how to fix credit reports after going through a tough financial crisis?  Here are information that I have learned based on research and personal experience. I still need to learn more though and try to apply what I learned.

There are a few options, but all will take dedication and a willingness to pay down your debt along with living a more frugal lifestyle.  If you want to know how to rebuild credit fast, the first step will be to gather all your bills and make a record of each one, with the remaining balance and the minimum payment each month.  After that you should list them from smallest to largest and pay off the smallest one first, no matter what the interest rates are on each debt.  Once you pay off a debt, then use the extra money you were paying on that debt and combine it to start paying off the next smallest debt.  Keep continuing this until your debts are gone.  But if you’re wondering how to find the best credit repair service after getting your financial house in order, you need to get a copy of your credit report and scan it thoroughly, looking for any discrepancies that you can request to have removed.  By watching your credit report closely, you will be amazed at how quickly your credit history can be repaired with paying your bills on time and sending extra each month.  So, start getting your credit repaired and fix your financial health, it will not only result in a higher credit score, but you’ll probably sleep better at night too.

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Tami @ said...

My hubby thinks we should pay off the smaller ones first, but I think we should pay off the higher interest cards first.

Why do you say smaller? Maybe the two of you are right. I just need reasoning behind it.


P.S. Visiting you via the Alexa Drop Hop!  

Mom Daughter Style said...

Hi Tami, I say smaller first because they are easier to pay so if you can get rid of one debt first that would be great, then proceed to the next one. If you ever watch Dave Ramsey before, it is also what he recommends to be on track for being debt free in the future. Anyway, it works for us, there's probably various routes to take.


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