Friday, December 30, 2011

LBC Donation Drive For Typhoon Sendong Victims

If you have anything to donate, LBC even here in the US is helping the victims of the typhoon Sendong in the Philippines, you will just need to drop the box, sending is FREE. I went to LBC in Dillingham here in Hawaii. They have branches in Chicago, Florida, California and probably in other parts of the US too. They might even offer a free pick up in some areas. Of course, this donation drive is also ongoing within the Philippines. LBC will accept donations till January 6, 2012 according to their Facebook Wall.

I only sent one box by the way for donation. The other one will be for another "project". For donation, I placed clothes, towels, blankets and sheets that we no longer use. I hope it will  help in any way. You probably know already I'm originally from the Philippines and I'm crossing my fingers that I can go "home" next year.

I know I should be delivering good news because it will be New Year but maybe somehow through this we can deliver some hope to the victims . It was a really sad time that this happened before Christmas and the death toll rised to over 1,200. I chose to share this video from YouTube because I think it's clear enough and short. I'm late in posting this.

Just for more information about LBC, here is their main website--LBCExpress.Com

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Vanessa Scott said...

So tragic :( I looked on the website to see if there was anything near me, but I couldn't figure out where to look. I will see if I can find other ways to donate. My heart goes out to those affected by this.


Imelda @ Husband, 4 boys, et. al said...

Good for you that you can send donation for the Sendong victims. I am from Batangas and I am glad to find you through MBC and the Reflexions bloghop. I hope you can go home this 2012. We have the same hopes too. :-)

Happy new year. :-)


Alicia said...

Wow.... this is so tragic. Thanks so much for shedding light to it and encouraging us to help in anyway that we can.

Dressing Up For Me said...

This is so nice for LBC US to be offering the delivery fee for free! In here you really have to pay 100+ euros just so the box can be sent.

Happy New Year, Ces! Good health and lots of good luck are all my wishes for you this year. :)

Self Sagacity said...

Thanks for posting the video. Stopping by from Helicopter Mom's Linky. Have a great week and Happy New Year! New follower, pls stop by for a visit and follow back, thanks!

Jamie said...

Happy New Year! Stopping by from the Alexa Blog hop!

Dhemz said...

what a great idea! I wish meron ding LBC dito sa San Antonio....have a fabulous new year sis!


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