Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Handpainted Mailbox

The phrase term curb appeal is concerned with making a good first impression when people pass by your home, but what are some things that can give your home more curb appeal?  There are lots of things, but a nice lawn and foliage certainly help, along with entrance light fixtures, welcome mats and personalized mailboxes.  As you drive around, you will notice that most people have the normal drab mailbox, but the ones you remember are the custom mailboxes because they are different and add character to a home.

There are numerous brands for custom mailboxes, but some of the most popular are Bacova mailboxes.   Bluegrass Woods Mailboxes are the manufacturers of a complete line of mailboxes, along with other items like ice buckets, card tables, serving trays, etc.  They also offer  Bacova Guild mailboxes , which are the work of professional artists and are hand laminated with a fiberglass wrap to ensure they last for many years.  They are sturdier than the standard mailbox and much more appealing.  I especially like the handpainted mailboxes.

This post is brought to you by http://www.bacovamailbox.com/.


The Cottage Market {Andrea} ♥ said...

love this hand painted mailbox! so fabulous! thank you for sharing with us -- i found you on the mingle blog hop! : ) i am now your newest follower! hugs...

Dee said...

What great pictures you have of you and your daughter... and she is so adorable. I'll have to visit again. Have a great day.

Anu said...

Really cute baby girl you have.
Visiting from cute ecakes alexa hop


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