Thursday, November 3, 2011

Options For A Lower Prescription Cost

Have you ever had to pay full price for filling a prescription at your local drug store?  Last year when I was filling a prescription for an antibiotic that wasn’t covered by my health insurance, I was charged over $100 for a small bottle.  I went ahead and paid it because it was an emergency, but I couldn’t believe the price.  Thankfully we have health insurance which covers most of the prescription cost.

If your insurance does not cover most prescriptions you can either pay whatever the pharmacy charges or you can try to lower the cost somehow.  There are a few programs by the major drug companies that will help some people by reducing the cost of their prescriptions, and some big box stores are trying to keep the cost of generic drugs as low as possible in an attempt to control costs.  Another option is to buy Canada drugs, which has lower prices than the US on name brand medicines.  You can buy over the counter drugs from Canada for probably less than your local pharmacy, and you can also buy nexium and other prescription drugs for much less.  Canada Drug Center has 24-hour toll-free support.  Even if you need prescription drugs, you just have to submit your original prescription and a copy of your driver’s license.
Disclaimer:  This post is not intended to promote any type of medications. It is a review of and this post is brought to you by their website.  All opinions in this post are mine.  Please do your own research before buying anything online.

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