Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Funny Photos at

I love watching comedy shows. There are some late nights when I enjoy watching funny cartoons and some stand-up comedians on TV. I know that they can be offensive sometimes and some topics they discuss are political but I find it mostly funny.

A website that has funny videos, photos & pictures is They can give you the funniest picture you’ll see in a day. Lately, they have been posting some pictures that can be too sexy or can be offensive to some especially the more traditional ones. I just try to absorb the fun part of it because being too serious can be stressful. It’s not a very family friendly site but I think it is still interesting to see or read. If you like funny phrases or look for some funny comments that was posted on Facebook, they have it. It’s one way I try to entertain myself is to find humorous sites like uberhumor.

When I came here in the US, I thought that even jokes are a cultural thing. Sometimes, you get it but it would not be funny to you. I think as I stay here longer, the more I appreciate the humor this place has to offer. Laughing is definitely a good thing.

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