Thursday, August 16, 2012

Indoor Activities for Kids

I found this at my list of blog posts as draft (pictures only). These pictures were taken at least over a month ago, I think a couple of them were from three months ago.

Because little girls don't get tired of being a princess

Uncooked spaghetti noodle and Cheerios


Coloring eggs using vinegar, water, food coloring, stickers and glitter glue. At that time, we were reading a book about Easter and RC asked me about coloring eggs so we did.

the three happy eggs

I did not want to throw the colored water away so I thought about coloring this old shirt. We took this fun to the bathroom to save our living room from being so wet... then we sprayed away.

Playdough is an all time indoor activity at our living room. I bought this play dough tools from Amazon, I got the idea once again from the preschool class RC is attending. It just started again and soon the once a week free class might be twice a week so we might get busier.

We slowed down a lot on stamping lately, it used to be an everyday activity.

This is one activity that we did with stamping. I gave these goodie bags at the last day of preschool class months ago. I was the only one who made them for the kids. The Dora bags were left over from RC's last birthday. I gave them for girls and the sandwich bags turned into goodie bags for boys.

I thought about doing goodie bags again for first day of the preschool but I changed my mind. I don't want to overdo it and I feel that maybe I should ask the volunteer teacher first. The class is only 1.5 hours and it's filled with activities so I did not want to interrupt anything.

Finger painting became scoop and splat painting. RC doesn't like to touch the finger paint. She likes it with water color (maybe because they are not thick).


Anyway, just to  keep up with blog journaling, yesterday we went outdoor by the pool area and blow bubbles. I saw the sprinklers and I thought that RC would love it since she likes bath time but I was wrong. I made her try it but she just stood there and wasn't enjoying so I took her inside, changed clothes, we had lunch. Then we went to the park with my friend and her daughter then to their apartment. Late in the afternoon, we went to Long's, ate at McDonald's for dinner and went to the park for a short while.

Today in the morning we met 5 other kids with their mommies/grandmommy then we went to the nearby park that is different from the one we always go to. I fed some birds. There were a lot of kids! Luckily, they are around RC's age so I was not worried too much about her being hurt. Both of us are getting a lot of sun and it's so hooot nowadays. The afternoon was mostly free play here at home and watched Veggie Tales. We're not really religious but it's RC favorite cartoons at the moment. They have cute songs.


Mom Fashion World said...

Ngayon ko lang nalaman ung uncooked spaghetti
and cheerios. Looks like it's fun to play, Mama!

kimmy said...

those are so much fun!


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