Thursday, July 19, 2012

Challenge Yourself Express Yourself with Revlon

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Revlon for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

You may notice that I don’t put much make up on but I’m joining the challenge of Revlon. I have always wanted to try to get out of my comfort zone and learn how to put make up more. I watched tutorial videos and read articles but I still have a long way to go.
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Here is one picture of me wearing the eyeprimer and one eyeshadow pallette from Revlon. This is a combination of three colors.  I love these colors, I just need more practice on putting them on.


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They also provided me with SuperLustrous  red lipstick, Colorburst  lipgloss and a Colorburst  lip butter. I love the lipgloss and the lip butter but I’m not sure with the super red lipstick. They all have bright colors but the lip butter and the lipgloss shine and they can be "adjusted" more while the lipstick is bright red even if you just dab it on your lips. Well, it's a challenge, be bold and pretty!
The additional color in the picture is the eye primer, another awesome product.
As I mentioned, it was a little hard to take a picture but I'm still sharing it with you. I was wearing the SuperLustrous  red lipstick at the picture above.
These next pictures show the three Colorstay  longwear nail enamels that I received. This is probably my favorite of all and the first thing that I tried when I received the package. I love the color orange. It's such a happy color. I have to let it dry completely though so it can withstand the test of household chores especially washing dishes. The first time I tried it, it peeled quickly because I was busy moving around. It takes a little time to dry but be patient.  I put the nail polish again a few days after and it's not peeling yet. When I went out to meet my friend, it is also the first thing that she noticed. She likes it too.
Here are the two Revlon Colorstay eye shadow pallettes. There is an instruction at the bottom on how to wear the colors altogether and it was the one I followed (first picture above). I personally like the one on the right because of my dark complexion.

Revlon Photoready  is a makeup primer. You can use it alone or under the make up. It is very lightweight, this is always something that I notice on creams that I put on my face because I don't like the feel of creamy stuff on my face. I was hoping I will be instantly flawless when I try this but I can still see some acne and marks (silly me!). They are less noticeable after application and that's what matters.


You can express yourself with Revlon, try these make up and nail enamels! I know I'm not a make up or beauty guru but I adore these products. I always loved Revlon. It's for all women. Join the movement of self expression with the Revlon Expression Experiment using a Facebook application.You can get started here:


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