Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fun Factory

This is our first time at Fun Factory. I usually set a limit on the amount of tokens/tickets/card to buy when we go to arcades, usually I start at $20 then maybe just go a little higher from there, usually not more than $30. It's enough to entertain her before we go ahead and go home or do other things.

It's still entertaining for her even if she's not actually operating the arcades.

Treating ourselves with Cinnabon sweets.
While I was shopping, RC got bored and ran to this corner and decided she wanted to dance.

 She's usually good  whenever we go out that I don't bring the stroller now at the mall. I also set a time for her playing like the arcade and then she has to help mommy buy some things.


ChicSassyMom said...

How cute! I love the dancing part! :))

Y said...

So lovely. I have a daughter too. ^^

Y Park

Anonymous said...

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