Friday, June 15, 2012

Preschool Fun

Most of these pictures were taken last month.

Parachute-- Gather small balls together at the center, kids and mommies go around and hold the parachute and then start to wave. Repeat waving until the balls are all out of the parachute.

Playing with sand

Sink or float?

Play with a light ball at the basketball court, bounce and try to shoot. The kids can't shoot but they still had fun.


These last two pictures are not from the preschool class.
Feeding and watching birds

Picking flowers

There are other activities like these I still have to share. I would say being at the free preschool class not only helped RC but me as a parent on how to teach my child.  I realized that I have to make a bigger deal out of toys or activities we do. It's not about the amount and cost of toys that the kids have but it's about being involved when they play so you can guide them while they also explore on their own. I have a general idea about this thinking before but attending the preschool classes with RC amplified the concept for me. The teacher really inspires me because she is doing this for free. Just like regular schools, we are on vacation now and will come back on August for more classes.

I still have to ask for dance classes, so far I only inquired through the phone and I inquired at one gymnastics class. I did not enroll her yet because I know we were going to the big island and she will already miss a class. I hope I can enroll her for July.

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MsXpat said...

Hey this is awesome. She must have enjoyed that, lots to see and do.


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